Saturday, August 1, 2015

Chasm PumSim v1.0.3.2 + Crack

Fully Interactive 3D Pumping Simulation Software

Pumpsim™ has been designed to provide a detailed visual simulation of pipe networks and pumping systems.
Use Pumpsim™ to model:
  • Pipe and pump pressure
  • Flow quantities and velocities
  • Open and closed pipes and channels
  • Tank and dam structure and capacities
  • Fluids with different viscosities and densities
  • Valves and sprays
  • Costs and efficiencies
  • And much more.
Pumpsim™ utilises a sophisticated dynamic 3D graphics environment, driven by a fully interactive user interface. The Pumpsim™ 3D engine allows for full 3D modelling with smooth rotation, zoom and pan, as well as real-time animation of liquid/slurry flow through the model.

Improve your pumping performance and efficiency

Mine Model with TankPumpsim™ can assist in determining the best pumps and pipes for your flow system by analysing pump performance, pressures, flow rate, pipe types and costs.
Optimise and significantly reduce your power and pipe costs by ensuring the correct specifications for your pipe system.

Import DXF/Autocad and many other formats

Accelerate the construction of your Pumpsim™ model by importing existing model files as “centrelines”, which can then be converted to pipes for use in Pumpsim™.


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