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The foundry m0d0 801 sp2

Layer Blending: Fixes image layer caching, thus improving image blending performance.

Proxies: Fixes a memory leak on closing scenes with proxies.

UVs: Improves UV symmetry for symmetrize command and unwrap tool.

Shatter: All created shards have their schematic nodes removed at the end of the shatter.

Dynamics: Improves simulation and solves when using convex decomposition shapes. Fixes issue where incorrect shape was being used for mesh colliders.

Dynamics: Fixes bug where convex hulls with no attached hull computers will now fall back to drawing the hulls' raw edges.

Expression Node: Adds proper threading for rendering, improving performance.

Expression Node: Adds 'mod()' and ‘clamp()’ functions to the expression node.

Expression Particle Modifier: Adds 'mod()' and ‘clamp()’ functions to the expression particle modifier node.

Shader Tree: Fixes potential crash when setting the material effect.

UVs: Fixes a typo in the UV creation error message.

Items: Fixes bug where locked items could be deleted.

Referencing: Fixes bug where non-LXO scenes could not always be imported by reference.

Snapping: Fixes bug where the axis tool handles of the linear falloff and the linear generator didn't snap.

Forms: Fixes small memory leak in forms.

Dynamics: Fixes critical issues with animated kinematic objects that was made worse when time was scaled.

Dynamics: Fixes bug in force application to compounds.

Clips List: Fixes bug where non-root clip items were not being displayed, when they were not part of a layered image.

Nodal Shading: Adds the current bucket to the sample vector for displacement to get nodal UVs.

Extrude Tool: Fixes bug where camera navigation in a camera view would affect active extrude tool application.

EXR I/O: Fixes bug where mip-mapped EXRs were not saving correctly.

Preview: Fixes bug where the aspect ratio of the displayed render would get out of sync with frame size changes.

EXR I/O: Removes the minimum size limit for saving tiled EXRs.

Render Window: Fixes bug where the Show Clipping option was not working.

STL I/O: Adds STL loader.

Dynamics: Fixes multiple issues with anchors and dynamic curves.

Weight Maps: Fixes bug where copying and pasting weight map values could result in all values being set to 1.0.

Localization: Fixes localization issues in the Spacing Chart.

Drag and Drop: Fixes bug where dragging and dropping environment presets onto Preview or GL views did not replace the existing environment.

Alembic: Fixes bug where vertex normals were not exported automatically.

Preview: Fixes bug where Maximum Radiance didn't update in Preview when using an HDRI and EIS.

Render Window: Fixes total render time state in the Render Window when rendering passes.

Preset Browser: Fixes audio preset thumbnails.

Preset Browser: Fixes crash when showing a Preset Browser set to List mode, set to be showing the base paths.

Preset Browser: Fixes bug where color presets could not be dropped into empty groups/directories and improves drop markers in those browsers.

Preset Browser: Fixes hit testing problem when the mouse is over a dead space at the end of a group in PBView.

Preset Browser: Fixes bug with rollover behavior in grid mode.

Dynamics: Fixes inertia issue with capsule colliders.

Clipping Plane: Fixes bug with clipping plane matte color.

Stability: Fixes potential crash using Flatten Layers command.

Rendering: Allows dissolve to work properly on surfaces with a clearcoat, fixing an issue where a dark fringe would appear, even when the surface was fully dissolved.

Drag and Drop: Fixes potential crash undoing scene loads through drag and drop.

Animation: Adds animation tools to the 'Animate' menu.

Sculpting: Restores smooth tool performance to 701 levels.

Shader Tree: Removes the ability to set an effect on light and environment materials.

Expose Channel on Group: Fixes bug where the enable channel could not be exposed on a group.

FBX I/O: Detects malformed normals while loading, displays a warning and skips loading them.

Proxies: Fixes a bug where proxy previews were not always displayed correctly in GL.

Copy to Morph: Fixes bug where the Copy to Morph utility command in the Paint layout was overwriting the existing sculpt morph map when creating a new one.

Painting: Improves performance when a Image Viewer is open during painting.

STL I/O: Fixes potential crash exporting STLs with save selected.

Preview: Fixes bug where the wrong Final Color output might be shown by default.

Add Loop Tool: Fixes bug where the Add Loop highlighting could stay active when changing to another tool.

Mirror Hierarchy Tool: Fixes bugs where the tool was not working correctly in some cases.

Actions/Passes/Poses: Fixes bug where Actions, Passes, and Poses were incorrectly removed, when clearing a Group of it's items.

SDK: Fixes typo in the CLxReadUserValue::GetString() function in lxu_queries.cpp.

Particle Modifiers: Fixes behavior with multiple attached falloffs.

Groups: Fixes the inability to remove items from groups via the context menu in the groups viewport.

Auto Add (Passes): Improves tooltip for the Auto Add preference.

Curve Vertex Maps: Allows vertex map sculpting on curve geometry. Note: Although there is no GL display of the weights as there is on normal polygons, the numerical weight values can still be displayed and seen by enabling Show Weight Values in the Active Mesh > Display viewport options (‘o’).

Vector Vmaps/Fur: Furry surfaces now account for the maximum vector size when they use vector vmaps, so that no clipping occurs.

GL: Avoids slowdown during animation playback when moving the mouse over the viewport.

Enhanced MODO Textures: Fixes bug in the Tartan texture that would cause it to render differently each time.

Dynamics: Fixes bug where items with custom drawing would not be added to the simulation.

Dynamics: Fixes crash in springs with no bodies attached.

Dynamics: Fixes bug where the body B drop down on constraints was not working correctly.

Animated Image Maps: Fixes slowdown with animated image maps.

Shader Tree: Fixes bug where instances were not respecting group item-based masks.

Particle Modifiers: Changes multiple falloff behaviour to sum all falloff values and then clamp them between 0 and 1.

Mac: Fixes potential crash using the tab key to advance to the next field after updating the multiresolution level to 6 and then trying to sculpt.

Preset Browser: Fixes some minor Preset Browser memory leaks.

Add Loop Tool: Fixes bug where toggling the Make Quads option could lead to unexpected results.

UVs: Fixes bug where selection could fail with many edges in the same space.

Baking: Fixes bug where baking from High to Low using Geometric Normal or Shading Normal could create artifacts.

Preset I/O: Fixes save dialog paths for Assembly, Item and Mesh presets.

CSV Point Cache: Fixes parsing error.

Rendering: Fixes potential hang rendering scenes containing fur with taper gradients.

Transfer Vertex Map Tool: Fixes bug where internal vertex map names were used.

Dynamics: Adds UI element and command to automatically setup particle emission on collision.

Stability: Fixes heap corruption potentially causing random crashes.

GL: Fixes display problems when using UDIM textures.

Rendering: Prevents light loss when using portals and EIS.

Pivots: Fixes bug with pivot alignment.

Pivots: Fixes bug in pivot rotation, which was causing child items to be affected.

Pivots: Draws pivot axes larger, so they can be seen.

Stability: Fixes potential crash exiting setup mode after removing IK.

Visibility: Fixes bug with item visibility overrides in hierarchies that have a parent set to hide children.

Key Frames: Fixes key paste bug with groups.

Stability: Fixes potential crash changing the mirroring axis while mirroring a mesh item with exposed user channels.

FBX I/O: Fixes potential crash loading FBX files exported from 3DS Max 2014.

Solid Sketch/Arc Tools: Fixes bug where tools would be enabled with no mesh in the scene.

Rendering: Fixes bug where bucket outlines were visible in the UV Coordinates Pass when using a Mitchell-Netravali AA Filter.

Rendering: Fixes potential crash rendering when instances had extremely large offsets.

Snapping: Fixes bug with snapping with an action center in item mode.

Bezier Deformer: Fixes potential crash moving bezier nodes due to NaNs.

Cellular Texture: Fixes potential crash deleting the cellular texture.

Rendering: Fixes bug with blurry reflections and normal maps.

Presets: Fixes potential crash undoing the application of an assembly preset.

Rendering: Fixes bug where shadow casting did not respect light exclusion.

Referencing: Fixes potential crash importing references.

Add Loop and Add Point Tools: Fixes selection pre-highlighting when snapping is disabled.

Stability: Fixes crash when navigating the camera created by the 801 showcase, while the transform tool is active.

Selection Conversion: Improves speed of selection conversion from polygons to vertices.

Referencing: Fixes bug where a texture could not use a UV map from a reference.

Baking: Fixes bug where 'Bake to File' wasn't populating the resulting clip item's filename channels.

Compensation: Fixes child compensation for items that have not yet been moved or rotated, and hence have transforms items added during tool interaction.

Skeleton Tool: Fixes mesh intersection issues with the Skeleton tool.

Localization: Fixes localization issue with the Normalize folder.

Localization: Fixes localization issue with the Spline falloff.

Booleans: Partially fixes a triangulation issue with the boolean command.

Toolspaces: Adds the option in the Preview Options menu to disable tool activation.

Tool Handles: Fixes the snap constraint handle for transform tools with rotation.

Scale Tool: Fixes bug where applying a small scale percentage twice could result in an incorrect scaling.

Dynamic Parenting: Fixes potential crash with the Dynamic Parenting command when a locator type item was passed in the item argument.

Dynamic Parenting: Fixes crash setting a negative value for a link index.

Dynamic Parenting: Fixes workflow by enabling compensation on the Dynamic Parenting controls in the Animate layout to match the behavior of the in viewport widget.

Nodal Shading: Fixes bug where the nodal opacity of texture layers behaved inconsistently.

Portals: Adds Portal to the Item Types > Lights section of the Select menu.

Toolspaces: Fixes bug where tool handle drawing in GL did not always update when toolspaces were enabled in Preview.

3DS I/O: Disables 3DS import to avoid crashes in Autodesk FBX plugin used to load the format.

Alembic: Fixes potential crash opening some Alembic files.

Curve Probe: Fixes issue where only the bounding box was being checked when checking the distance from the input position to the curve position on the curve probe modifier, avoiding bounding box rendering when using nodal shading.

GL: Fixes bug causing decreased performance in Reflection shading mode with many mesh items and Inactive Same as Active enabled.

Space Navigator: Mac: Re-enables fix for lag and adds speculative fix for crash caused by that fix on some systems/devices. If you have a Space Navigator and a Mac, please give this a try, especially when navigating in the Render layout both in 3d views and Preview, and report any issues you find.

Preset Drag and Drop: Fixes incorrect shader tree placement of presets containing only non-material layers (such as with PAD color presets)

Localization: Fixes localization issue with reference scenes.

OBJ I/O: Fixes bug where normals on instanced meshes were inverted when exported.

Curves: Fixes curve highlighting in Item mode.

Actors: Fixes bug where poses could not be set for referenced actors.

Performance: Fixes bug where images were being loaded during scene load, instead of on-demand, as needed.

DXF I/O: Fixes apparent hang due to slow merging of layers in some DXF files.

GL: Removes obsolete GL drawing code, improving performance with many items to better than 701 levels, in some cases.

Solid Sketch: Fixes potential crash reenabling solid sketch on a mesh.

Performance: Fixes bug where selection conversion from edges to polygons was slow.

Channel Baking: Fixes bug where baking animated channels could cause 180 degree flips, leading to issues with motion blur on animation camera (for instance).

Render: Fixes bug which was causing NaNs in some scenes with Displacement as Bump.

Geometry Freeze: Fixes potential crash freezing curves that share vertices with polygons in the same mesh.

OBJ I/O: Adds support for exporting partial UV maps.

Icons: Updates document icons to the new teal look.

Stability: Fixes potential crash loading some existing scenes.

LXO I/O: Fixes bug where the "World Transforms" toggle on texture locators was not being saved correctly in the LXO.

Graph Editor: Fixes bug where using MMB to add new keys to a channel in the graph editor would require two undos.

DXF I/O: Fixes bug where DXF loader would create new mesh items for each segment of a DXF mesh, if the file used double-byte characters in the mesh names.

SDK: Updates the description for CLxLoc_Locator::ExtractLocalPosition(): Items may have several position transforms (zeroed, pivot etc) making it difficult to set a local position directly. This function takes the desired local position values for an item and updates them to the values that need to be set on the standard position transform item to give the desired position after taking all other transforms into account.

Topo UI: Fixes scripts in the Baking sub-tab of the Topo layout tools.

Channels: Fixes bug with the channel state being set incorrectly when restoring channels and items to their setup values.

Centers: Removes the offset for Center drawing which was causing the center to appear offset at small scales.

Auto Key: Fixes bug where setting auto key via command did not update the UI.

Schematic: Fixes bug where the command did not work when refired from the command line.

UVs: Fixes bug with UVs on procedural meshes, specifically fixing issues with Mesh Fusion UVs.

Icons: Adds document icons for Collada (DAE), DXF and color presets (LXC).

Lazy Selection: Fixes random crashes related to lazy selection in the UV view. (Automated crash reporting)

Character Encoding: Fixes the size of item tag with a multibyte string converted from legacy encoding to UTF-8.

3DM I/O: Adds native 3DM mesh loading back to MODO and updates it to Opennurbs 5.0, fixing crashes and failed imports in many cases.

Joint Pinning: Fixes RMB unpinning for the Pose tool.

OBJ I/O: Fixes the loading of Vertex normals for certain imported OBJ files.

Hierarchy Duplication: Fixes duplication of light rigs and creation of extra children.

Cubic UV Mapping: Automated UV Packing now places properly in 0-1 space.

OBJ/3DM I/O: loading these object types now results in proper polygon display.

Keyframe Undo: Proper number of undos for creating a key in the Graph Editor.

Localization: Adds a missing resource for OBJ import settings.

Python API: Fixes crash for tagging package classes with Graph information tags.

Localization Fix: Changes "Set Shared Directory" from hard-coded string to a message table entry for localization.

Stability: Fixes potential crash when user thumbnails or tabs are dragged.

Crash: Fixes crash with user scripts that force a bad path.

Rendering: Fixes issue with rendering animated deformed objects which go off camera.

Stability: Fixes potential crash when snapping a reference item to another item.

Viewport shading: Fixes bug where inactive mesh did not always respect viewport options for inactive shading mode.

Snapping: Fixes snapping on certain axes with the Transform tool.

FBX I/O: Fixes object scale when not using default unit choices.

Channel haul: Fixes undo operations on value changes to the channel haul.

Python API: Fixes python markup.

Snapping: Fixes default shortcut to element snapping.

Image I/O: Fixes bug where a warning was not displayed when there were no image maps in the scene while exporting layered PSD.

Undo Operations: Fixes bug where Channel Haul value display, after multiple undos, was displaying incorrect values.

Vertex Map Transfer: Allows you to use the Vertex Map Transfer tool to copy weight maps.

Schematic: Fixes potential crash when linking two objects' mesh channels.

PSD I/O: You can now properly export layered PSDs without errors or the file being incorrectly flattened.

Texture Evaluation: Improves performance for some cases of texture evaluation.

Referencing: Fixes certain cases of reference object rendering in the scene.

Stability: Prevents crash when loading corrupted or incomplete .jpeg files.

Save Incremental: Fixes multiple file pathing and special character issues when saving files in modo.

Replicators/GL: Fixes GL display of replicator objects in the viewport.

Spacing Chart: Prevents incorrect deselection of your actor when using the spacing chart.

Geometry Constraint: Improves command's ability to find the closest vertex or edge.

Stability: Fixes potential crash when dragging materials in the Shader tree.

Channel Links: Fixes loading of user created channels in the Channel Links window.

Volume Items: Fixes rendering for volume and sprite texture effects.

Scene I/O: Adds a dialog for saving to non-LXO format for the first time, warning of potential data loss.

Texture Evaluation: Performance improvements for texture evaluation.

Referencing: Disables Draw Options for referenced items, which are not supported.

Thin Film Shader: Fixes bug where Thin Film shader did not contribute to specular and reflection render outputs.

Selection: Fixes Close Loop (shift+]) selection for cases where lower polygon side of a selection was not always selected properly.

Stability: Fixes common shader evaluation crash. (Automated crash reporting)

Distance Constraint: Fixes clamping when a negative value is set.

Set Vertex Map: Fixes bug where drop down would be populated with incorrect list of maps if Set Value was used first.

FBIK Limits: Fixes drawing of FBIK limits with some nested hierarchies.

FBX I/O: Fixes potential crash loading improper FBX scenes.

FBX I/O: Fixes loading of FBX files with UV rotations.

Rendering: Fixes issue where shadow catchers would incorrectly appear in alpha channels in some scenes.

Rendering: Corrects the Boost Importance feature to account for the transparency amount as well as the transparency color.

Stability: Fixes potential crash on shutdown due to Python servers.

Help: Fixes F1 help link for OCIO settings.

Curve Probe: Fixes bug where the Curve Probe was not returning the correct percentage value.

Curve Probe: Fixes bug where the Curve probe position output was offset from polylines.

Stability: Fixes random crash when changing layout tabs. (Automated crash reporting)

JPG2000 I/O: Removes support for JPEG 2000.

Curve Constraint Effector: Adds icon and tool palette option for curve constraint effector.

Scene Import: Fixes bug where additional text appended to weight map names when importing a scene would break rigs.

Stability: Fixed a potential crash with wrap deformer when the cage mesh was not set. (Automated crash reporting)

Cel Edges Material: Fixes issue with Cel Edges material, where Segment edges would not render if they were the only edge type set.

Stability: Fixes potential crash with extremely large shader trees.

Stability: Fixes numerical precision issues causing various crashes when loading files with certain geometry configurations or deforming small meshes with large world space offsets from the origin.

Stability: Fixes potential crash when MODO is started with preview in Pause mode and user changes preview options.

Preset Browser: Fixes Mac bug where clicking on a folder in the Preset Browser and moving it slightly could cause the folder to be lost/deleted.

Dynamics: Fixes bug where world scaling broke constraint functionality.

Dynamics: Fixes potential crash simulating Soft Bodies with zero total mass.

3D View Keying Interface: Adds missing support for setting keys when Auto Key is disabled.

Rendering: Fixes volume item clipping during render when using transformed/deformed meshes as the volume source.

Stability: Fixes crash connecting the mesh channels of mesh item in schematic.

Nodal Shading: Fixes potential deadlock when using Raycast and Illuminate nodes together.

Wrap Deformer: Fixes bug where connecting the "Cage Mesh" manually would not properly update the deformer.

Weight Maps: Fixes bug where the creation of weight maps by script could not be undone.

Bevel Tool: Fixes case where polygons could bevel erratically with Group enabled.

Key Frames: Fixes a bug with the key tolerance being changed.

Stability: Fixes potential crash deleting a recently added mesh preset.

Stability: Fixes potential crash duplicating a rigged item with deformations.

Stability: Fixes potential crash closing a scene with the Image Previewer open with an image loaded. (Automated crash reporting)

Python API: Fixes AddListener() and RemoveListener() to return errors, at least alerting python clients that their calls didn't work. Updates the SDK to explain the proper way to do this:

Snapping: Fixes bug where edge snapping in the UV editor would only snap at the edge center.

Stability: Fixes potential crash using a random texture offset set to mesh part.

Pen Tool: Fixes bug where the pen tool's Flip Polygon toggle would not always update the polygon immediately.

FBX I/O: Fixes an issue with loading FBX files that have bad or incorrect rotation values.

Bump Maps: Allows bump values to be properly rendered and displayed when edited in both schematic and the shader tree.

Radial Sweep: Fixes bug where extra geometry was created when using the Radial Sweep tool with poly lines.

PSubs: Creases are now properly displayed when a weight map is added to an PSub mesh.

Render Window: Improves performance when panning large images with a display LUT applied.

Stability: Fixes potential crash changing the effect on an environment material.

Stability: Fixes potential crash when exporting config data and then accessing the preference menu.

Dynamics: Fixes potential crash if a constraint was connected to a valid Rigid Body that was disabled.

Preview: Fixes bug where Preview was not respecting the Remap Pixel Values setting on the Shading and Geometric Normal render outputs.

OBJ I/O: Fixes bugs in loading certain OBJ files which had specific path information.

OBJ I/O: Fixes bug where bump and other image maps where not always loaded correctly.

Stability: Fixes potential crash when an action associated with a user value failed. (Automated crash reporting)

UV Relax: Fixes warning message displayed when clicking the disabled Interactive option in Adaptive mode.

Command line: Fixes the command to handle invalid arguments.

Preset Browser: Fixes bug where the folder display flag did not always work correctly.

Wrap Deformer: Fixes potential crash when resetting the Wrap Influence.

Preview: Fixes preview rendering of animated meshes with motion blur enabled.

Soft Body Dynamics: Fixes bug where extra transforms were applied when applying a goal map to a Soft Body.

Polygon Bevel: Fixes case where beveling multiple grouped faces was incorrect.

Stability: Fixes potential crash when dragging an environment preset into Preview multiple times.

Volume Rendering: Fixes bug where volumes with source meshes driven by deformers would be clipped in render and Preview.

Surface Particle Generator: Fixes bug in render modifier causing errors in SPG evaluation.

Nodal Shading: Allows texture locators to be nodally driven even when the texture layer is not.

Lattice Deformer: Fixes potential crash when resetting the Lattice deformer.

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